You seem to be getting a lot of requests from what I can see! lol! xD I was gonna ask if you could do a Hyorinmaru edit? If not, that's fine---just curious. : D Love your edits.

Yeah but that’s cool ! I’m happy about having a lot of requests ^_^ Oh yeah i’ll do it, thank you for your request, and i’m glad you like my edit :’D 

RenBya? ; 3 ;

I’ll do it when i have some time for myself:’D Thanks honey for your request :’3

are you against ships edits? if not can i request one? >u<

Oh no no i’m not ! :’D Yeah sure you can honey 

get to know me // anime edition 

[5] female characters
[5] male characters
[5] non-human characters
[5] teams
[5] yandere/tsundere
[5] pairings
[5] sad moments
[5] happy moments
[5] protagonists
[5] antagonists 
[5] anime series

Thanks for doing the Renji edit. It's really nice. >u<~!

Awn you’re welcome honey i hope you liked it !  


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